First, glasses on a nose at most bars above

First, replica ray bans on a nose at most bars above intaglio B & L Ray-Ban USA, following intaglio B & L Ray-Ban 62 □ 14. Genuine RayBan RayBan intaglio milling precision molds should be pressed out , that the use of a magnifying glass to see , but also there is no roughness , and gives fine impression. Imitation RayBan RayBan sunglasses intaglio relatively coarse , text skew , the concave portion shades , the overall lack of fine feeling.

Image courtesy as the passenger Optical Network

Second, the two sides recessed lens matte BL logo estimates may be made ​​of laser cut and polished technique , smooth touch feeling no word here , but the characters are beautiful and clear mission , although very shallow recess , but the letters edge yet angular. Imitation RayBan sunglasses Ray Ban logo on the deal I have seen this in two ways: one is crappy imitation than on a purely transparent material with a silk screen process printing , carefully hand touch can feel is raised ; one kind imitation of the more successful , but also the use of laser matte technology, but the process is poor, and a comparison of genuine , real obvious. Third, white Ray-Ban logo on the right lens for the screen printing process up , authentic Ray Ban RayBan very wearable, at least I used this lens grinding without a clear plan marks twenty years ago to acquire , use white Ray-Ban logo on the lens wearing silk screen more than a decade remains clear mission and beautiful. But White Ray-Ban logo on the lens imitate normal after a period of time off too desultory .

Fourth, there are signs stamped on the metal support BL exquisite pieces of soft transparent nose pads inside .

Five authentic Ray Ban RayBan frame black to enamel , gold metal plating process , are not falling baked layer and coating. The short-term use after Imitation gold on shallow oxide .

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independent and really my style of Ray-Ban

To fake ray bans the avant-garde , independent and really my style of Ray-Ban , after Milan and Paris , the highly anticipated Ray-Ban Ray-Ban “Virtual Mirror ” (Virtual Mirror) interactive showcase the world’s third landing station experience activities in Shanghai, China . Since April 2012 , the reign of the southwest of Shanghai Xujiahui fashion landmark – the fifth floor of Gateway Plaza island glasses , Ray-Ban glasses together hand in the island presents a virtual mirror interactive experience activities , bringing the first real-time virtual eyewear try experience , the perfect interpretation of Ray-Ban has the courage to show themselves NEVER HIDE spirit. Ray-Ban ” Virtual Mirror ” interactive window technology is cutting-edge AR ( Augmented Reality ) combined with the creativity optical retail , marking the Ray-Ban once again walk in the wave of digital technology trends . Embedded in the storefront window of the Ray-Ban ” virtual image” instant capture facial motion pictures , consumers simply stop at the front window , the screen can be the perfect synthesis of consumers wearing Ray-Ban glasses HD video ; while consumers can also head deflected by a simple operation , the heart of the action in real time, try a variety of glasses, along with a variety of arbitrary changes to the influx Look. Consumers and will try wearing Ray-Ban glasses ” virtual” image in Taiwan glasses Gateway Plaza store print or upload to new media platforms , with more friends to share the moment trendsetters .

Ray-Ban 2012 new spring and summer eyewear collection inherited the free expression of the brand personality gene , introduced the most representative part of the history of the brand style , into the modern elements , using an unprecedented unique colors, re-interpretation of retro crystal lens . Aviator sunglasses pilot season series lenses will innovate quaint , with green, blue and pink lenses, writing his timeless classic ; Youngster Young family has grown, launched a series of tantalizing sweet cream color products ; Wayfarer Travel those series again return to lightweight folding models ; rather rare stamp series this season rare Prints places Mondrian pop culture for inspiration, using colorful color module , a new acetate technology , the entire frame of clear and transparent ; Ray- Ban optical frames series highlights the retro round frame design , and endowed with multiple color options.

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